Changed Systems Or Refuse To Upgrade?

Companies wishing to be listed here please leave a comment and I will get back to you. Being listed here means you are letting CNC Software and others know you don't appreciate that year after year Mastercam doesn't get the needed improvements and / or you don't like the way CNC Software or your Mastercam reseller does business.

The following are accounts that I personally know of that either have changed to other systems from Mastercam or who refuse to upgrade to the latest version of Mastercam:

Qualcomm Prototype Machine Shop, San Diego, CA (refuse to upgrade). Update: Have now changed to Featurecam.

Crower, San Diego, CA (changed to CAMWorks)

Blue White Industries Ltd, Huntington Beach, CA (changed To Featurecam)

J.I. Machine Co, San Diego, CA (refuse to upgrade)

Fifth Axis, San Diego, CA (changed to Open Mind Hypermill)

White-Line Machine, Barrie, Ontario, Canada (refuse to upgrade) Update: Changed to CAMWorks

M.G.S. Form Tools, Coldwater, Ontario, Canada (refuse to upgrade. ) source: John White

All Mag Aluminum, Bampton, Ontario, Canada (changed to Siemens NX) source: John White

CP-Carrillo, Irvine, CA (Changed to CAMWorks)

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Nathaniel Taylor said...

Radiorobot LLC Oakland Ca. (looking for better more reliable software)