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Recently a poll was started about Mastercam. You can read the comments and the results as well as vote here:

Mastercam Poll

Update 8-4-2011:

The Mastecam Poll (see link above) was removed because it was making CNC Software and Mastercam look very bad. This is typical of the censorship that is practiced by machining forums who take advertising. Unfortunately most machinists don't have the guts to stand up and do something about this problem and refuse to start and support forums that don't take advertising and allow free speech in regards to CADCAM.

Update 8-5-2011:

Someone who resents the kind of censorship that all the advertising based machinist forums engage in knew that the Mastercam Poll would be removed by CNC Zone so they made a copy of the graphic of the Mastercam Poll close to when it first appeared on CNC Zone and saved it. I received it this morning. While it's rather dated compared to the results before it was removed by CNC Zone it clearly shows what CNC Zone censored and removed and how badly CNC Zone and other advertising driven Web Boards use censorship. Sadly most machinists are total wimps and gladly go along with this kind of censorship rather than standing up to it and complaining to advertisers that they are advertising on a board that practices censorship. What machinists should be doing is starting better forums that aren't controlled by advertisers where free speech is allowed and encouraged:

Twiter may not be perfect but at least you can say what needs to be said without fear of reprisal.

Update 8-8-2011: 

Jayson Kramer (CADCAM on both the eMastercam forum and on CNC Zone) is the person who removed the Mastercam poll that was making Mastercam look very bad. Both Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) and Matt Finley (Rekd) are moderators on CNC Zone and both have removed many posts and acted behind the scenes to protect Mastercam and its resellers from looking bad for many years. Neither Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) or Matt Finley (Rekd) should be moderating anything anywhere as both are Mastercam fanboi's that have proven for years they are underhanded cowards who don't have the guts to stand up and do the right thing. Years ago Matt Finley (Rekd) forwarded my private e-mail that I sent to him to the local San Diego Mastercam VAR who then presented it to my boss at Qualcomm. This is exactly how this circle clique, including Off Topic moderator James Meyette (CNC Apps Guy), who works for Selway Machine Tool, work. It's backstabbing, devious games every step of the way and lots of people have now had enough of these slimeballs and the games they love to play and are refusing to take it anymore.

Here is a new poll that was started because the person who started the first poll isn't going to sit back and take the kind of censorship that these two practice as CNC Zone moderators:

Update 8-10-2011:

Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) is up to his usual underhanded tricks once again. Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) closed the new poll that was making him and Mastercam look very bad before it really got out of hand because a lot more  posters to CNC Zone are now totally disgusted with his constant use of censorship to protect both himself and to protect Mastercam. The sad fact is he's done this for many years on both eMastercam and on CNC Zone with both censorship and banning posters that he doesn't like. Unfortunately he's gotten away with it... until now. If  Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) is not removed as a moderator on CNC Zone for the Mastercam forum and for Polls advertisers on CNC Zone are going to be contacted and shown this blog and asked to stop advertising on a site the engages in massive censorship.

Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) needs to be immediately removed from being a moderator on both CNC Zone and on eMastercam.

The following screenshot is from a former Mastercam user who is now a SolidCAM user. He correctly points out how Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) screws over legitimate users. The owner of CNC Zone, Paul Gentile, has for years supported, encouraged and condoned this behavior from Jayson Kramer (CADCAM). What "foxsquirrel" doesn't understand is Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) real motivation for doing this:

It's so Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) can offer the Mastercam classes he teaches to a wider audience as well as sell personal Mastercam training. Jayson Kramer(CADCAM) is also a Mastercam sub dealer.

For those who have been around CNC Zone for awhile and who know how corrupt and dishonest CNC Zone's owner Paul Gentile is this behavior is nothing new. A few years back Paul Gentile allowed Chris Corbell, a BobCAD employee, to moderate the BobCAD forum and turned his back for almost a year while BobCAD employee Chris Corbell censored and deleted many posts to the CNC Zone BobCAD forum that were critical of how BobCAD did business as well as how buggy BobCAD was. The problem finally got so out of hand that Paul Gentile was forced into doing something about Chris Corbell's massive censorship and deletion of posts. Why didn't Paul Gentile, owner of CNC Zone, do something sooner or do the right thing?

Very simple answer:

All Paul Gentile cares about is his advertising income stream. Paul Gentile isn't about to do anything that will jeopardize the money he is getting from advertisers and he's more than willing to turn his back and use  moderators who refuse to allow a level playing field like his moderator Jayson Kramer (CADCAM) refuses to allow.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know the CNC zone was that bad. I'm more of a lurker there than a participant. It's a shame that free speech is being censored there. I did see that poll and was surprised that so many people have moved on to other software. I'm still on Mastercam 9 that I bought at auction. If I didn't luck out getting it cheap at auction I'd most likely be using something else as they over charge for their software. I use it for basic work and it works good enough with the rare crash :(

Anonymous said...

There is no free speech on cnczone. I have seen it lots. If your friends with moderator you can say anything.
Look at xzero cnc . Cnczone control all xzero emails address that were posted and removes them and links to cnczone address and almost no way to get a hold of them, I think that is more fraud then anything and passing off emails to other router company most likely for people emailing looking for routers

Jon Banquer said...

I'd like to hear from others.

When enough people speak up perhaps advertisers who support CNC Zone like SolidCAM will get the message that the way Paul Gentile runs CNC Zone is costing them customers.

Anonymous said...

Mastercam is the best on the market for know

Jon Banquer said...

"Mastercam is the best on the market for know"

Mastercam is legacy code software that's buggy, unreliable and doesn't come remotely close to a well designed, quality CADCAM program like TopSolid CADCAM 7.

Nathaniel Taylor said...

I have used Mastercam since V9 and when print was something like printthis! It has never lost that homespun BS of a quirky program. I pay dearly each year for it. And while I have to say that their new clubhouse looks very nice, paid for by US, the inside of their program is very unsustainable as it falls apart all of the time, wastes hours of my life, and tears my hair out every new upgrade that promise the world yet delivers the same old horrible interface with new bugs. I am very ready to leave them and I want them to know this... whatever there market value is its going downhill and come on competition you have a whole lot of dissatisfied customers to gather up. Every comment on this site has been something that stikes a cord. From bad graphics to crappy tools and horrible toolpath creation. while you can get nice parts out of mastercam are there not other programs that work equally as well.

Anonymous said...

I was using V9 in 2002, boss upgrades to X and repeatedly it crashed. Mcam would not let us roll back to V9, ended up I had to resort to using a pirated copy of V9 even though the boss was paying for X.
Until X4 it remained a joke.
X5 was ok-ish,
Now I hear X6 is another joke.
Hyperform V5 really blew my mind but nobody ever uses it. (now hypermill)

Administrator said...
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Pablo Angel Casiano said...

Wow I wasn't aware how deep all this goes! Its a shame!
I personally am in love with The Whole SolidWorks/SolidCam system ,Its been amazing! no software is 100% free of bugs but the speed at witch you can create and program with this combo has my boss incredibly happy that he made the switch from MasterCam! We dropped MasteCam at V9 and never looked back, plus IMachining is INCREDIBLE!!

Anonymous said...

I have just started using mastercam at work for the lathe. I have been using Bobcad for some time now and I have to say that mastercam is to complex and not as easy to produce code as bobcad. Bobcad guides you through making your program where mastercam makes you dig and figure everything out for yourself. I'm sure this is great when you learn everything mastercam can do but it just seems poor for such an expensive software package.

Also Bobcad's preview of the cutting of the part is lightyears ahead of mastercam. Mastercam just shows the cutter cutting with no readout showing the tool position like bobcad does. The bobcad simulation just beats the pants of mastercam's simulation.

I know a lot of people have said how much they hate bobcad or mastercam but from what I see right now I do not see that mastercam is any better. Not for what they charge anyway.