Dealers Before End Users

The problems with Mastercam and CNC Software start at the top with CNC Software's owner Mark Summers. By putting dealers first before end users Mark Summers insulates himself from the reality that Mastercam is a very poorly designed cobbled together CADCAM software that has never made the transition from its DOS heritage to being a very well designed Windows program.

In the fantasy land that Mark Summers lives in Mastercam is actually a technology leader rather than a follower. Summers seems to think that because Mastercam has the biggest market share of any CAM program in the United States that his view of Mastercam being a technology leader is accurate. I've been told by former and current CNC Software employees who attempted to suggest improvements in Mastercam that they've met with sarcasm and attitude from Mark Summers.

I have no reason to doubt that Mark Summers is terrified of end users who tell him the truth about Mastercam as I know for a fact that Mark Summers blocks end users who e-mail him at and spell out the serious problems in Mastercam.

John White emailed Mark Summers the following post that led to his being banned from the eMastercam forum. As can be seen below, this post highlights how this "circle" / clique operates on eMastercam and how poorly this forum is being run. John White was immediately blocked from emailing Mark Summers as a result of having the courage to point out to Mark Summers what Mark Summers wants to keep hiding from:

"The circle is only cool in here. Where is here? You made it up so you could be cool somewhere.
This forum belongs to IHS and it’s customers. It does not belong to any of you.

Spray painting religious spam all over your neighbors garage isn’t free speech.
Gang raping legitimate customers with legitimate concerns is not cool. As much as it seems to feed the giant ego of the circle.
The attitude of the circle only feeds the hatred many people have for this forum and CNC Software. I don’t even think you  wankers realize there is a whole world outside the USA that CNC is trying to market to. That includes Mexicans and Muslims. Even the Chinese. So as you continue to bash other cultures and religions your little cool space here is going to get smaller and smaller until a lawsuit makes it disappear.  .
Can anyone please give me an example of where you are a decent person outside this forum. There may still be hope for you yet.
Stop acting like you own this place.”
John White

White-Line Machine & Tool
16 Truman Road
Barrie, Ontario

When problems are undeniable with CNC Software and Mastercam Mark Summers lame excuse is always the same: I'll have one of our employees look into it at which point nothing happens except the end user is given a huge run around by someone like Ben Mund or a lying behind the back slime ball like Steve Bertrand. Both Ben Mund and Steve Bertrand seem to specialize in running interference for Mark Summers rather than actually solving problems.

My conclusion is that CNC Software needs to be sold to someone who knows how to develop quality CADCAM software because Mark Summers has no interest in living in reality and will continue to hide behind dealers and B.S. himself that Mastercam doesn't have serious issues. About the only thing Mark Summers has shown he's good at is building market share and understanding educational needs. As far as product development is concerned he's completely clueless on what's needed for developing a quality CADCAM product.

The serious challenges to Mastercam's market dominance will  come from companies who figure out the following:

1. How to use social media and the internet to effectively market CAM software without the need for a local resell for support.

2. Make extensive free written and video tutorials available that make Mastercam's total monopoly of the educational market irrelevant.

3. If your CAM runs inside of  SolidWorks get control of the SolidWorks reseller channel that Mastercam is effectively locked out of as Mark Summers won't tamper with his Mastercam dealers and give them competition with SolidWorks resellers.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog while everything bad Mastercam, Mastercam am a user for several years, and I've noticed that has errors and is not the best, I want to change and use other software, no more Mastercam, could you recommend me some good CadCam
software? Please contact me.

Arnie said...

I'm also looking for software for my new Boxx 4150 extreme workstation that I want to use to assist with programming 3d shapes for machining pistons, rods, ports on my 4 axis cnc bed mill .I haven't purchased any software for my computer and i program everything s using basic g code