CNC Software continues to drag their feet and do nothing about the racism, hatred. personal attacks, bitter political fighting and the banning of John White and myself because we have spoken out for years about these problems and refuse to back down to this "circle" clique on eMastercam. CNC Software has pushed and backed the eMastercam forum for years on their website and in newsletters. The eMastercam forum is hosted by the only Mastercam reseller in Canada: In House Solutions.

In House Solutions has proven over and over again that they can't properly run the Mastercam forum and can't appoint fair and impartial moderators yet CNC Software refuses to do anything about it and run a Mastercam forum themselves.

Here is an example of the kind of moderator In House Solutions appoints for their eMasteram Forum and CNC Software the owners of Mastercam support:

John Paris is the typical eMastercam moderator. He works for Mastercam reseller Services For Automation doing tech support and has a long track record of censoring honest and objective discussion of Mastercam. For years John Paris has censored and removed hundreds of posts on the In House Solutions eMastercam forum and made disparaging remarks about many who have asked for real improvement in Mastercam. People like John Paris should never be moderators despite their knowledge of the product. I'm more than willing to be honest about his excellent knowledgeable of Mastercam despite his constant attempts to sabotage anything I say or do. Unfortunately John Paris has done far more damage to any chance of Mastercam really improving with his censorship than he's done to help Mastercam improve. An example would be his constant focus on blaming video cards for Mastercam's very serious graphics problems which he will never discuss honestly because he works for a Mastercam reseller. He also has no interest in letting honest and free discussion of Mastercam happen on the eMastecam forum or anywhere else. As a person, he's one of the biggest assholes I've ever had to deal with because of his elitist, arrogant attitude and his rampant fanboi approach where he does everything in his power to try and protect Mastercam from legitimate criticism. Because he's someone who works for a Mastercam reseller, I fail to see how he should be a moderator as the temptation to protect Mastercam and his income is always paramount. On top of all this he's s a spoiled, whining little baby who can't deal with other peoples opinions that disagree with his own other than in a protected forum where he thinks he has control. John Paris is exactly the opposite of what's needed in a good moderator.

Update 8-9-2011:

Today John Paris resigned as moderator on eMastercam. I've lost track how many times John Paris has resigned or threatened to resign as a moderator on eMastercam. The first I remember was when he threw a temper tantrum because he didn't like what I was posting on eMastercam and said if I wasn't removed he was resigning. It's too bad John Paris can't grow up, realize there is life outside of eMastercam and learn to engage in open dialog about other CADCAM products that he doesn't make money supporting. He will never be moderator material but he does have a lot to offer to the CADCAM community if he chooses to do so. Unfortunately, I don't think John Paris is capable of using this opportunity to step back and grow up and that's a loss for the entire CAM community.

John Paris has done everything in his power to discredit me and to attempt to destroy me for years because he doesn't like what I have to say about Mastercam, In House Solutions and about the "circle" / clique on eMastercam that has caused so much damage to Mastercam and the Mastercam community. I don't wish John Paris the same kind of ill will that he wishes me.

For years the incompetent head of the eMastercam forum Tyler Robertson has lied about why he banned me from the eMastercam forum. Here is his latest attempt at yet another one of his many cover ups that try to conceal and deflect the blame for how incompetent he truly is and how badly he has lied about what really happened:

Update  7-29-2011:

Had a productive conversation on the phone with Ben Mund of CNC Software four weeks or more ago. As I expected I heard nothing of substance back on the issues we talked about which are many of the same issues I've listed above. The only thing that came out of it was a half-assed attempt by In House Solutions who put up a warning on the eMastercam forum that racist comments, discussing politics, religion, etc. on their Off Topic forum, that has been a massive problem and liability to Mastercam and CNC Software for years, was now frowned on. I found this to be insulting and about as lame as it gets. 

Ben Mund and CNC Software apparently think the snails pace they move at and the lousy communication they practice in many areas is something I'm going to accept and this subject was played out on the Mastercam Facebook page. The Mastercam Facebook page has now been censored and all my comments as well as their responses that showed their continued refusal to deal with the issues were removed. I'm also now banned from posting to Mastercam's Wall on Facebook, which is not something I really mind because I have very little use for Facebook and find it to be next to worthless and for kiddies. Since CNC Software chose to cut off communication on their blog and on Twitter with me and didn't follow up by e-mail or by phone it was the only place left to once again try and drag CNC Software kicking and screaming into the new world of social media. For sure I got the result I expected and now know for sure that CNC Software is still not ready to do what it takes to clean up the mess they've made for years by putting dealers first before end users and by letting In House Solutions run the eMastecam forum instead of hosting it themselves. It's all window dressing and I'm not stupid enough to fall for the same old bullshit that CNC Software has been able to get away with for years and now can no longer get away with quite as easily as they use to.

Update 8-11-2011: 

A few posters on e-Mastercam are pretending that you actually can openly discuss other products that compete with Mastercam. Nothing could be further from the truth. For years Tyler Robertson has done everything in his power to limit any real open discussion of Siemens NX CAM by banning posters, censoring their comments and making disparaging remarks about Siemens NX CAM and those wishing to discuss it. For years now the lie has been spread on eMastercam that Siemens NX CAM Express is much more expensive than Mastercam and it has been accepted by may posters to eMastercam. The reality that Siemens NX CAM Express isn't much more expensive than Mastercam has no bearing on the phony reality that eMastercam wishes to create. Siemens NX CAM Express has been competitively priced with Mastercam for at least the last 3 years.

There is still no discussion on eMastercam of how badly Mastercam is behind on the kind of technology that is in a product like TopSolid CADCAM 7. Technology like built in PDM, the ability to constantly keep track of the stock model and update it, the ability to not have to constantly chain because the CAM system should be able to figure out what you want to machine based on your face selection and the stock model, etc. 

The focus for eMastercam posters is never on the technology or understanding the technology but rather on market share... which Mastercam is just beginning to start to lose.

A favorite saying on eMastercam is that there are always a million ways to do something in Mastercam. In many cases this is true. The problem with this old cliche is that even if there are a million ways to do something in Mastercam it doesn't mean they are efficient or smart ways to do what needs to be done.

Update 8-31-2011:

For many years now threats and intimidation (cyber bullying) have gone on both directly, by e-mail and by personal messaging on In House Solutions eMastercam forum. 

Today, a lame half-assed post with no teeth in it was put up by one of eMastercam's moderators because the situation is so out of hand. I have personally received numerous threats (including death threats) because of what I post about In House Solutions eMastercam forum and what goes on there. 

As per usual CNC Software continues to do absolutely nothing about this long outstanding problem other than to ignore it and pretend the problem doesn't exist. This is yet another area where CNC Software drags their feet / moves at a snails pace and backs a corrupt reseller to the hilt who has a monopoly in Canada for selling Mastercam. 

Normally I'd take the following as a harmless, moronic joke but this eMastercam "circle" / clique idiot has frequently attempted to comment on this blog hoping that he would be able to get his threats and personal insults published. His many unpublished comments left on this blog contain zero substance relevant to Mastercam or anything else other than personal attacks and threats. Today, someone sent me this screen capture of his "wisdom". The person who sent it to me is someone "Jammer" harassed and cyber bullied for years on eMastercam. I guess "congratulations" are in order as "Jammer" now has finally gotten something he had to say published here.

The following is the last post put up on eMastercam by John White, a long time Mastercam customer who In House Solutions tried to screw over with their monopoly pricing because they are the only Mastercam dealer in Canada. This post got John White banned from eMastercam because Tyler Robertson is owned by the eMastercam  "circle" / clique and he's little more than their bitch:

"The circle is only cool in here. Where is here? You made it up so you could be cool somewhere.
This forum belongs to IHS and it’s customers. It does not belong to any of you.

Spray painting religious spam all over your neighbors garage isn’t free speech.
Gang raping legitimate customers with legitimate concerns is not cool. As much as it seems to feed the giant ego of the circle.
The attitude of the circle only feeds the hatred many people have for this forum and CNC Software. I don’t even think you  wankers realize there is a whole world outside the USA that CNC is trying to market to. That includes Mexicans and Muslims. Even the Chinese. So as you continue to bash other cultures and religions your little cool space here is going to get smaller and smaller until a lawsuit makes it disappear.  .
Can anyone please give me an example of where you are a decent person outside this forum. There may still be hope for you yet.
Stop acting like you own this place.”
John White

White-Line Machine & Tool
16 Truman Road
Barrie, Ontario

John White has every reason to be proud of making a stand against this behavior. This has been the situation on eMastercam for years and it's supported at the very top by Mark Summers owner of CNC Software. For years Mark Summers has known exactly what's been going on and has done nothing about it.

Update 9-20-2011:
The racism, hatred, personal attacks, bitter political fighting, cyber bullying and censorship became so bad that In House Solutions had no choice but to hide the Off Topic Forum on eMastercam. They did the same thing with the Enhancement Forum I first suggested and got approved.

Since it's all about caving to a "circle" / clique this is the lame solution In House Solutions came up with and posted today:

"1) The Off Topic still exists, as many of you can see.

2) We are running the Off Topic forum as a privilege to our members and would like to have the forum continue to be available for future use.

3) The criteria for those who can see it is still a work in progress. Please bear with us during this transition process.

If you have ideas you would like to share, this is where they will be heard."

Here is exactly the kind of crap that gets posted to the Off Topic forum on eMastercam that In House Soutions and CNC Software owner Mark Summers are trying to hide:

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