The History Of Mastercam X

The following numbers were complied by John White of White-Line Machine & Tool:

Mastercam X     Aug 2005          Days on market 426      
Mastercam X2   Oct 2006           Days on market 680
Mastercam X3   Aug 2008          Days on market 304
Mastercam X4   May 2009          Days on market  508
Mastercam X5   Nov 2010           Days on market 300 to date

Based on the above numbers John White wonders:

How many customers are comfortable paying two years maintenance for one product upgrade EG: X2
Only to be followed by the weakest release of Mastercam ever X3.
Then wait almost 2 years more for X4.
How is any of this going to work if there is going to be integration with Solidworks?
Solidworks 2012 is out now. When can I open these files with Mastercam? Can I install SW2012 if I am using Mastercam for Solidworks or do I have to wait for X6. What if it takes 2 years like X2 and X4?

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