Mastercam X6

As posted to eMastercam on 3-21-2012:

"Well your first problem was installing X6 to begin with.  It pretty much goes downhill from there."

Just as I predicted Mastercam X6 second release was rushed out the door. Ben Mund did a lot of lying over on Mastercam's Facebook page and I hope others will call him to task on his lies where he  claimed only minor problems existed in X6. Ben Mund is the king of Mastercam propaganda and little more than a puppet of CNC Software owner Mark Summers.

More and more eMastercam users are starting to see James Meyette for the phony asshole he truly is. Both James Meyette and Jayson Kramer have caused more damage to Mastercam users over many years than anyone else with their fanboi, protectionist B.S. For years James Meyette has abused his privlege of being a moderator on the eMastercam forum and not a damn thing was ever done about it. The same is true of Jayson Kramer on CNC Advertising Zone. James Meyette doesn't even work in a machine shop. He works for Selway Machine Tool where many of his fellow employees hate his guts because he's a backstabbing  asshole. Here are what fed up users have to say to this arrogant obnoxious jerk:

"Dude, I am a beta tester. What makes you think I haven't used several revisions of X6 already?

Unfortunately every time I give it a try it takes days to get all the kinks worked out. I have work to do here and when they continually release crap to the general public that isn't even meeting my specifications of what a BETA version should be ummm yeah, I'm frustrated.

The inmates are running the asylum over at CNC Software and I'm tired of it. I wasn't going to get all that nasty but I am not some mindless sheep and I resent the implication"

"I've been curious about this but have never asked. How many hours do you log on Mastercam on any given week? Programming is not your main job so it has just made me wonder.

I also cant help but wonder what you are doing so differently that it does not expose most of these issues. Or have you just learned to work around or live with them? Most of the issues that I experience are things that are daily routine type of things. Things like I posted in a previous thread regarding moving a part to a different machine.

I am not sure how it could be possible that you have never experienced this problem unless you have NEVER had to do this. This bug has been around since I started using the software and it presents itself EVERY time that I either re-number tools (and i dont mean using the right click in the operations manager method of renumbering) or changing jobs from one machine to another when the memory type is different and tool diameter and length offsets have to be modified. I cant remember a single time that it has worked as you would expect it to.

If you know a secret to get this working properly, PLEASE, I am BEGGING you to tell me how do to it. I would even be willing to PAY you for your expertise.

And lets just start with that one. If it works out, I could probably create a permanent side job for you teaching work arounds. Have you thought about doing this on your off time? I think that you could make a fortune since you have obviously found a way to use this software that masks all of these issues."

Update 3-20-2012:

Posted today to e-Mastercam:

"Anybody else having issues with stock model. Sometimes it just will not finish, it uses up all of my ram (8GB) then fills up my virtual mem, then crashes the PC. Other times it just stops, leaving a dirty operation. Other times it skips operations all together giving me a partial representation of my stock. I have tried increasing my tolerances like Colin suggested, but I still cannot make stock model work correctly."

"Like many things in Mastercam, it works good on simple parts but on large even mildly complex 5-axis parts it chokes. I still don't think MCX even with X6 64 bit makes effecient use of the computers hardware resources."

"I often refixture parts with finished surfaces on them, and it would be nice to use stock model for that. I frequently end up having to make a model in a partially cut state and start Stock Model over with it."

Update 1-30-2012:

As posted to eMastercam in regards to CNC Software's totally bogus beta testing program for Mastercam:

"Believe me, they are getting caught. We cant make CNC fix them."

"I wonder if the software might need some serious re-writing to correct whatever shortcomings are leading to the issues where they fix one problem but that fix breaks 2 other things... If that is what will be necessary it's no surprise they'd be trying to avoid such a huge undertaking by plugging along the same as they always have - fixing what they can and ignoring the root of the issue."

Update 1-28-2012:

As posted to eMastercam:

"In addition to some beta versions I did try the production release of X6. X6 wire was completely unusable on the first job I tested. It was a simple 4 axis cut and for some reason X6 was not able to produce a usable toolpath. Crazy stuff like cutting on the wrong side of the chain, etc... The same job works fine in X4 Wire... The bug has been logged but it's too late. I'm already pissed. Maybe by X7 I'll be over it or better yet maybe we'll be using something else by then."

"That's what was happening to me with X6 lathe. I would chain a path, copy the op and the chain would flip sides. Thats when I said ef'it back to X5. No time here to log stupid bugs that wasnt there 1 version ago."

"When I first started beta testing several years ago I thought I was going to change the world and get a bunch of lingering problems addressed but my enthusiasm is gone and many of those lingering issues are still here. I think that the beta crew should get a nearly bulletproof product and occasionally have to report something. Unfortunately it seems like they can't fix or improve anything in the software without breaking 10 other things so Beta Testers and the QC department are overwhelmed."

Update 1-26-2012:

"How much time could ya'll have saved if you ditched X6 a month ago. I smile on my way to work since I stopped using it.

There comes a point when you need to pull the plug."

"I just sent all 3 pics to QC and In-house for the record and asked if they could at least fix this in the Desperately needed MU1 UPDATE!

Was gonna start two new jobs for a new customer in X6 today, but can trust it now! I will start and finish in X5, cant afford to be late or have (AS MANY) problems getting these jobs done.....

"A 3rd Re- Release of X6 is needed..."

"That's not new to X6, it's been doing that since X1.

BTW, when will we be able to use standard number size center drills without having to define them as a custom tool? They were standardized when, in the 50's or something?"

"I am so sick of this. I'm not even going to bother with X6MU1. X4 is still working fine... What a shameful waste of money paying for maintenance has been the last 2 years."

Update 1-14-2012: 

Posted to the eMastercam forum:

"The X6 rollout has been about as painful as it gets. I would imagine the Mastercam dealer netwwork is raising he!! over the rollout itself and the resulting posts on this fourm. eMastercam is not a place a Mastercam dealer would want to send a perspective client at the moment, in fact it would make an excellent sales aid for an NX salesman. Hopefully we can learn from this very bloody nose and move forward, but I suspect big changes are coming.."

My Comments On The Above: 

The big change that's needed for Mastercam starts with Mark Summers. I see no evidence that Mark Summers is ready to stop pretending that Mastercam is a technology leader or to start listening to people who tell him the truth rather than kiss his ass. CNC Software needs to be sold to someone who knows how to develop quality CADCAM software. Mark Summers has proven himself to be totally incompetent in every way possible when it comes to developing quality CADCAM software. The nightmare started with Mastercam X and has continued for 6 releases now.

"Once we got X6 I decided to use the tools that X6 provided and create stock models and then use those stock models for the rest roughing routines. I couldnt even get through the first part. After creating a few stock models I couldnt even click on an operation in the operation manager without the system crashing with the infamous mastercam crash report popping up. I ended up having to trash all but one or two of the stock models and go back to using the stl files."

"... I had a program running on the floor and the operator asked if I could change an entry move for a chamfer cut... I changed the angle of the line in my toolpath and all ops below it went dirty (that's fine). So I regen, check it out in backplot, looks good so I post & send it to the floor.... ALL OPERATIONS THAT USED THAT TOOL LOST THEIR TOOL OFFSET NUMBER. I was told by someone at CNC that this issue was going to be fixed before the re-release, so I stuck with it. I'm done with X6, and done sending files in. Going back to X5 to try and gain back some of the confidence our operators have lost in me. I was happy to help until I had smoke blown up my xxxx."

"If your CAM system works , and works well, then it doesn't need people defending it"

"From a user's standpoint, it is understandable to be frustrated to have the same problems, every release, while paying maintenance and being told every year that "It's on the list and will be fixed next release." Yes, new features and toolpath options are helpful, but not when the bugs keep compounding year after year. I never install a new release until the complaints wind down and most of the major headaches are taken care of for this reason."
"There has to be some give and take on both sides, but when the software has the same bugs for the same people on the same applications release upon release, why would anyone at CNC Software expect them to not look for a more efficient alternative for what they are doing?"

"Man, this is getting xxxxing ridiculous. So now I make a change to one of the rest rough paths and regen. I then go in to the next operation and make a change. The next operation was copied from the previous. I make an adjustment and regen. Now the previous operation goes dirty (that I just regenerated!)and tells me that there is no stl file for that operation and it will not regen. Now to fix that issue and regen those path YET AGAIN! I am beginning to sorely miss Volumill. I hated X3 and X6 is proving to be a huge pile of xxxx even compared to that!"

"X6 has been a turd and really wonder if an MU1 will show up."

"They develop tool library's and tool paths based on Iscar tooling. Guess what, we dont use iscar. we use Kennametal and Sandik. Where are my toolpaths for there tools?"

"There is no way I am going to install this what-so-ever until I see an MU. The really crappy part is we have to wait for that MU that's going to come with more cost added features instead of just bug fixes that we pay maintenance for. Come April (I think) when our maintenance comes due I dunno what I'm gonna say. We just waited over a year for X6 and all this is happening. It isn't my money but it sure is my reputation making a recommendation for buying into this.

This is the first time since version 6 I have given pause before I downloaded/installed the newest release and I'm glad I did."

"What pisses me off, is the fact that our maintenance is getting ready to expire. With things being the way that they are in X6 I am afraid that I am not going to be able to convince the boss to renew. Well that will pretty much leave us xxxxed with this giant pile of xxxx software that they labeled X6 because they dont release patches to fix bugs in this garbage that they call a cam system. If I cant convince him to re-up our maintenance then this version of the software along with the files that I have created in it are worthless."

"If you plan on using any of the opti* tool paths or take advantage of the stock models, then I would recommend waiting and at the same time praying that they fix this crap if they do indeed release a MU."

"I got two little beauties this morning. I opened X6, went to file, open file.(MCX-5 file) Crash. 4 times. It will not open the file at all. Went Back to X5MU1. I'm going to have to stay at X5MU1 until XSomething gets fixed. I Thought that I could trust it(catch any problems) even with Vericut. Can't even get the file to open. So now what!! 16 Seats of Mastercam and maintanence paid in full. We need some help CNC."

"I had to regenerate about a dozen rest roughing routines about 8 times each today because they kept losing the stl files or going dirty because I changed a feed rate in a tool path (why do the paths dirty because of a feed rate change?) that was used to define the stock model. Once the path dirties, the stock model then dirties, then every single path that uses that stock model dirties and has to be regenerated."

"It took me three hours to do 15 minutes worth of work today."

"Can anyone explain to me why changing the Program # for operations in the operation manager would dirty 10% of the operations? "

"Amazing how hard we work to find work arounds."

"I know this is a new feature, wanna take bets on how many versions are released before it gets looked at and fixed?"

"My favorite part of Stock Model is when you have multiples and the third starts generating before the second one is done. I love getting annoying alarms and having to select and regenerate the stock models one at a time."

"stock model regen times are huge. You can multi thread them but you still have wait. one minor change and regen again. Now if you where making T-Nuts for a living I'd say use stock mode."

"Other guys have been using stock model machining for years. And doing it well too I might add."

"With Volumill I get exactly what I am looking for on the first try 95% of the time whether it is the first roughing pass or rest roughing. I really hope CNC can get Opti-rough to that level of efficiency."

"I think a major reasons there are so many bugs is that they have been working around these limitations for so long. I really think things are going to get worse until they scrap this approach and handle geometry more like traditional CAD packages."

"I think the biggest limitation they have is that Mastercam seems to be getting to the point where it's just a collection of third party technology that CNC glues together."

The following is a response to Mastercam fanboi James Meyette who along with Jayson Kramer have done tons of damage to Mastercam with their lying, backstabbing and censorship. Thankfully more and more Mastercam users on eMastercam are finally wising up to what a phony kiss ass piece of "s" James Meyette really is. The sad part is that he is quite knowledgeable in many areas but that doesn't make up for the kind of  "s" bag he truly is. I speak from personal experience as James Meyette has lied about me and my employment many times over the years and done everything in his power to discredit me... all to no avail. I've met people who work for the same company James Meyette does (Selway Machine Tool ) and they can't stand working with him because he's such an asshole:

"What ever James I'm a tad fed up the the work arounds and new features that are sub par. As far as I'm concerned "new features" should not be in a release unless the work as they should. dont like it? to efin bad"

"Most of the "maintenance updates" were nothing more than bug fixes...which, to a logical thinking mind....should be a "service pack". But NOOOO...CNC Software cannot admit to making mistakes....they just pull a download (X6) for a month, fix it, then reissue the download. If anything....people that are on the current version (ie those willing to beta test) should be on X6 SP"

Update 1-7-2012:

Posted today to the eMastercam forum in regards to Mastercam X6 second release lathe:

"Not much a can do now with X6 that I couldn't do w/ V9. Mill's a different story. The only reason we use MC for lathe is because we do 90% milling and so we can stick w/ one software. If we were a more lathe heavy shop, I wouldn't even consider MC."

"I have a seat of mill at home and all I can say is that I will look to another software when I'm ready for a lathe seat."

"Lathe is essentially unchanged since V8. Version X brought in a more modern interface....thats about it unless you actually count things like the ability of verify with a round boring bar. The day you can backplot (note...not even verify) a pinch cut or a stock transfer (pretty simple stuff) I will say that things are improving. Adding grooving cycles does not exactly impress.....I was doing that stuff with Fanuc's FAPT cut in friggin 1990. Yes....Mastercam lathe IS that far behind the times....amazing to think that software I was using 22 years ago had the same basic functionality that Mastercam is pimping as "enhancements"."

Update 1-6-2012:

Posted today to the eMastercam forum:

"I have better $hit to do than constantly send in files to QC, I need to get work done and when I am dicking around with sending files to QC I am not programming or getting parts out the door! Fix the software and make it more robust! The stability of Mastercam is a joke. FIX IT PLEASE so I don't have to go out and spend another $xx,xxx on a new, more stable CAM platform."

My comments on the above:

When I worked for Qualcomm we had 5 seats of Mastercam We sent tons of files to QC and never had one problem fixed. Almost all of the complaints we sent weren't even acknowledged. After a year of this we stopped sending anything because it was a waste of time and money. A few months ago Qualcomm replaced all 5 seats of Mastercam with Delcam Featurecam because they finally had enough.

More posted today to the eMastercam forum:

"This is all about getting what our employers are paying for. And believe me I have made them aware of what there money is getting us. So far a way late usless release. Focus has been lost on the core functions of creating good code. I dont use the HST stuff much. I use mill/ turn and 5 axis, and barly anything usfull has been added to either one. In fact 5 axis tree functions has doubled my gramming time because of the parameter lag and the way the tree is layed out. It's more like a picker bush than a tree"

"I do know there have been tons of bugs when I started using Mastercam 5 years ago and there are about the same number of bugs now, so the civil discourse hasn't really accomplished much. If I was a prospective buyer of Mastercam I would be doing tons of web searches to try to learn more about the platform, much like I have to learn more about NX. If I were to stumble upon his blog it would definitely NOT go unnoticed and it could sway my purchase decision if it was a close race between platforms. So yes, I do think that would bother CNC software and motivate them to shut him up. I guarantee you that his blog is costing them customers so I do believe it carries some weight with CNC...

Now I am not a fan of his and I don't try to give him ammo, I just say it how I see it and if he sees usable info in there, oh well... I am not going to keep my mouth shut because he might use my words on his blog. "

"MC is a ram resource pig and even had a ramsaver cleaner built in to prove it. Crunching an 8 minute waterline rest path, copied or newly created,......... invalid machining zone and it stays dirty, or 0.3k file, no path ....restart (not reboot) MC and it works no problem. Sometime 5 or six times a day....some time once a day. Ever wonder why a 500 mg file in MC is only 30 meg in surfcam or a few others? I have and i think that old dos Kernel is to blame....."

Update 1-5-2012

Posted today to the eMastercam forum:

"I thought Optirough was fixed!!"

"Shocking that the second release is full of bugs :thumbup: It's a shame that there are so many mastercam programmers that have only used mastercam and no other Cam systems to realize how bad this software is. This whole X6 situation is opening some eyes which is in need, because this should not be the number one software in shops"

"Well, back to the same old sh@! now! Change the tool number in the tool manager or within in a toolpath and all the associated paths go dirty again. WTF!!!"

"I am still on X5 MU1and restarted MC 4 times and it ain't even lunch yet.
thats common for me but usually its only 2 to 6 times a day :wallbash:  "

"Wow. This is about the 10th time that I have seen this already this morning. I have four stock models created in this file and now I cant even run the verifier. When I try it just freezes up. Then when I try to close the verifier and click on any operations. BAM!

This really xxxxing sucks."

"I have seen it. Filled it out and sent it on its way. It crashed on my third stock model when trying to compare to a solid. "

"I had to delete two of the stock models and go back to using external .STL and the crashes stopped. I guess so much for using stock models reliably."

"Maybe I shouldnt bring this up to the boss. Our maintenance is due and he is already pissed off about all of the X6 issues prior to this."

"Its sad when you have to wait for a Maintenance Update to get fully functional software. I cant remember using any other system that I had to say "yay, i cant wait for the maintenance update!" Mastercam is definitely in a class of its own."

"Our maintenance is due so if we do not renew, we are stuck with software that does not function properly."

"I just had a talk with the general manager at our facility. Powermill may be in our future. I have used it briefly in the past and was impressed with the results. It may not totally replace Mastercam due to the lack of decent 2d and drilling paths in Powermill, but it may solve our issue with the bugs. I've been pretty quiet regarding my frustration with this software until this last release. The moment we slow down a bit, I'll be shopping around!"

"I have been making wonderful parts for many years with this software, but I'm no longer defending or promoting it anymore!"

"Now it takes me upwards of 50% longer to make even easier ones due to issues. We all hear how much faster the new releases are, but theoretically they are worse effiency wise"

X6 Lathe:

"Use 5 for lathe. X6 has been crap since it was in beta, I quite using it a long time ago cause they wont fix anythin."

Update 1-4-2012

Posted today to the eMastercam forum:

"I have downloaded the second release of X6 and just like the first release I cannot insert a Lathe Stock Advance."

"Changing the feedrate is causing toolpaths to go dirty again!! :wallbash: Does this whether you change it in the toolpath parameters or "edit common parameters". And, it will take forever to regenerate the path.

The "recalculate values" button is still half broken as it was in X5MU1. It will not recalculate values unless you open the "cut parameters" window and then go BACK to the "tool" window.

What is with the screen blanking for a few seconds when changing geometry to a new level?

Started using stock model. Why does it take so damn long to calculate?! I verified the toolpath and saved the stock as an .stl years faster than waiting for the stock model to calculate. What a joke!!

Coolant in the operations manager is off when it is actually on. Did anyone notice it doesn't work properly with X-Style coolant?

How the hell can this crap get past the quality dept. again?! :realmad:

Sorry bout the rant, but this stupid sh@% is getting old! :rant:"

"Cnc is still stuck in the dos days. x is a waste"

"Take a look at the real issues. We all have to make a living using this software. version after version the old bugs are there. They throw out (enhancements to stir up new customers) which to me is hiding behind the wall. I have been around a long time and have made a good living as a CNC programmer using Mastercam. There are some good people working there. Sad thing is, they have lost touch with us, for what ever reason. My company will be looking elsewhere for productivity instead of paying year after year for the same problems. There is already a few long time members of this forum that have moved to better software.
fed up in Michigan :wallbash:"

Update 12-30-2011:

Posted today to the eMastercam forum in regards to Mastercam X6 second release:

"At this point I can't use X6 because of all the lost time it has caused me. This should have never been released to the public until it was usable and at this point it is not."

Update 12-29-2011:

After some quick cosmetic rehab to very broken Mastercam X6, CNC Software has released Mastercam X6 once again. Count on many issues not being fixed in Mastercam X6 and the nightmare that started with the initial release of Mastercam X to continue.

Update 11-28-2011:

Mastercam X6 was released today. A lot of questions remain unanswered because CNC Software has purposely left out many of the needed specifics in their videos and What's New Guide for X6. I'm not clear what format a "stock model operation" is in when it's created. Can the regular Mastercam CAD tools be used to translate, rotate, mirror, etc. a "stock model operation"?

Posted to the eMastercam 12-28-2011 forum:

"I wonder what exactly is the point of giving us this stock model to use, and then not be able to use it in all the rest milling toolpaths?" This is the typical half baked implementation that has come to define what Mastercam is.

More on stock models in Mastercam X6 posted to the eMastercam forum 12-29-2011:

"Man, Ive had about four crashes already using stock model as well. Seems to happen when I am using other operations to create the stock model and I go to edit one of the operations used to create it"

"So far, at this point, the stock model is as useless to me as optirough is."

"As I said during Beta, I like the "concept" of it, I just think there has to be a better way to implement it."

Sure there is a better way to implement stock models in Mastercam but that would require fanboi John Paris, who is the author of the third quote above and who works for a Mastercam reseller, to get his head out of his ass and look at a very well conceived and implemented CADCAM product like Missler Software TopSolid. John Paris is the same Mastercam fanboi who is a moderator on eMastercam and who for years has censored and removed posts that would force CNC Software to create a better Mastercam. John Paris has offered to resign numerous times but then turns around and makes the pathetically lame excuse that In House Solutions won't accept his resignation. Make no mistake, fanboi idiots like John Paris have held progress in Mastercam back for years. The exact same thing is true with Mastercam fanboi's Jayson Kramer and James Meyette.

Posted to the eMastercam forum 12-29-2011:

"Yikes, just watch out for when Mastercam and Renishaw stop working together and they leave all of the paying customers out in the cold... BTW, I am a Volumill user so I know how it feels first hand."

Solid cut part Verify got no significant improvement, the graphics are still horribly outdated and hard to see, solid chaining got no significant improvement, probing is an expensive add-in rather than included like it is in TopSolid CADCAM.

So what's the problem with expensive add-ins for probing toolpaths? Take a look at what happened with the VoluMill add-in and how users who purchased it go totally screwed when CNC Software and the VoluMill people stopped getting along and it's easy to see how CNC Software owner Mark Summers couldn't give a dead rats ass about end users. VoluMill doesn't work with X6. You investment in VoluMill for Mastercam has been lost. Let me very clear: the typical fanboi B.S you read on eMastercam about how wonderful it is that you can now purchase an expensive add-in to do probing toolpaths for Mastercam is total B.S coming from the same idiots who are and continue to be clueless on what's really needed in a fully integrated CADCAM system. CNC Software / Mark Summers is screwing Mastercam users and laying off development to third parties where it should be done in house. Make no mistake about it, probing toolpaths should be included at no extra charge with Mastercam X6 and not an expensive third party add-in.

Continuing: Levels got no significant improvement. The WCS / View Manager got no improvement. The Tool Library user interface still sucks and there still is no preview of your tool when you move your cursor into the graphics area with the tool manager open so you can see if you have enough stick out and if your holder will hit. Tool holders are still handled wrong X6:

Posted to the eMastercam forum 12-29-2011:

"I was hoping that with the holder libraries going to .DB style in X6 we would be able to associate the holder to the tool, doesn't look that way.... whoever came up with the idea of associating the holder at the operation level instead of the tool library level obviously has never ran a cell."

ModuleWorks Machine Simulation in Mastercam X6 still doesn't support Translate Toolpath. Most production machine shops use Translate Toolpath everyday. 

Mastercam X6 is not what I would call a great release by any stretch of the imagination as once again CNC Software ignored the long outstanding bugs and rework that's needed to make Mastercam an efficient and less modal CADCAM system.

Update 11-30-2011: 

Posted to eMastercam by DTM a long time Gibbscam user and a straight shooter. I'm sure his comments will be censored and he will most likely be warned, banned, ostracized, etc. What DTM posted is, however, the absolute truth when it comes to Mastercam:

"X6 what a joke. Nothing but issues, this software really sucks a big one. I'm forced to use this software, but I would never in my life think of purchasing this crap. I don't know how MC is the leader in the industry, because it just plain sucks. Please delete me from the form. Not to mention the support is even worse."

"I'm stuck with this buggy crap for now at my day job. Without vericut I couldn't trust this software at all, unless I was drilling holes or doing a simple pocket... "

"simply just stating the facts. This software just keeps getting worse"

"Were is everyone? I was waiting to here all of the workarounds and BS as to why the software doesn't do what it says. Workarounds seem to be all of the answers."

My comments:

Workarounds are what Mastercam fanboi's have been all about for years. Workarounds and stupid post tricks aren't the answer and they never will be. The answer is having the needed functionality in the CADCAM software. Custom drill cycles for probing routines were for years pushed... too bad you can't actually verify a custom drill cycle used for probing inside of Mastercam. That makes this workaround almost worthless. Same with most of the other crappy workarounds that eMastercam fanboi's have suggested for years. With Mastercam it's always some stupid workaround that wastes tons of time and money and never gives you the full functionality you need.

In the same thread on eMastercam quoted above but from another poster... yet more truth about Mastercam X6 being yet another P.O.S. release from CNC Software:

"I have used the new version for a little over a week now and I am appalled at the number of new issues, as well as un-addressed old issues."

Previous to the release of Mastercam X6 I posted this:

Mastercam X6 might finally get some long overdue badly needed improvement. This is especially true when it comes to Mastercam's tool database/manager. I expect little or no improvement in Mastercam graphics or Mastercam's horrible user interface that's modal and wastes tons of a users time. I also expect the initial release of X6 to be buggy because of how CNC Software does beta testing where it's once again dealers before end users. To do beta testing you have to be recommended by your dealer first. What should be happening is a much larger sampling of Mastercam end users should be involved in beta testing Mastercam rather than a beta program that rewards end users who kiss their dealers ass. Expected release of X6 is October 31.

Previous to the release of Mastercam X6 For SolidWorks I posted this:

Mastercam For SolidWorks X6 will finally get all the multi-axis toolpaths that are in stand-alone Mastercam. It still will not have lathe and wire toolpaths. It won't be well tested because of the restrictions CNC Software continues to put on beta testing Mastercam where once again the dealer is put before the end user. You can only do beta testing if you meet a bunch of stupid restrictions and if your dealer says it's okay for you to participate in beta testing.


Anonymous said...

NX Cam is probably the best route -Siemens I believe still owns the Parasolid kernel, so no need for translators.

Jon Banquer said...

I consider both Siemens NX and Missler Software TopSolid to be technology leaders. The advantage of Missler Software's TopSolid CADCAM 7 is that it's got a much better user interface than Siemens NX and a more modern approach. TopSolid CADCAM 7 is also better at keeping track of the stock model than NX is. While NX is a more complete and more robust CADCAM solution I see Missler Software closing the gap in less than 3 years.

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for anyone having to use this piece of shit (MasterSham) I used it for a few years after 5 years using PowerMILL from Delcam, I eventually got my boss to drop MasterSham and move to PowerMILL.

Anonymous said...

I like Simens NX. Vastly superior to Mastercrap.

Anonymous said...

I have been using Mastercam since late "89" and I don't think that I have ever seen a release that was complete before it was released much less were the problems fixed before the next release. I am taking class's to learn Catia so that I can get away from Mastercam and get into a programming system that I can get into doing high-speed 5 axis programming per the request of a company that I want to go to work for and hopefully after I get some experiance under my belt make more money with Catia than I have been making with Mastercam.... I am giving up on Mastercam... I went from version 6 to version 9 because version 7&8 were a waste of time and effort and a loss of money to the company that I was working for...