Why Mastercam Is Really #1 In The Marketplace

Most machine shop owners and most machinists don't have any idea how to properly evaluate a CADCAM system and how to make an intelligent choice based on the technology that is available so they go with what they have been told is the best system. Doing the research so that an intelligent informed choice can be made almost never happens when it comes to CADCAM

For decades now American manufacturing hasn't been about innovation but rather about not rocking the boat and following what has always been done. The result of this mentality in American manufacturing is one of the big reasons manufacturing in the United States is in so much trouble. Mastercam, its owner CNC Software, and many of Mastercam's dealers are very much a part of a system that punishes innovation and instead rewards a mentality of continuing to follow "accepted and proven standards" that are known to work.

Many Mastercam dealers will protect dealers that are corrupt and dishonest at the expense of Mastercam end users. This is especially true with the Canadian Mastercam dealer In House Solutions who has a monopoly in Canada for selling Mastercam and who provides many other Mastercam dealers with training literature and post development. I've watched In House Solutions lean on Mastercam dealers like ShopWare and seen how easily ShopWare' s sales manager Chris Kozell caved into the pressure. I've also experienced Mastercam reseller Jimmy Wakeford of Barefoot CNC backup another Mastercam reseller who for many years never offered any surfacing toolpath training. Jimmy Wakeford of Barefoot CNC is now trying to fill the huge hole that occurred when Dave Thomson parted with In House Solutions. In House Solutions has been suing Dave Thomson for years. Naturally CNC Software, the owner of Mastercam, sided with their dealer (in this case In House Solutions) as they always do and refused to get involved to try and help settle the dispute. Jimmy Wakeford's company Barefoot CNC and In House Solutions are now in partnership to provide post solutions to Mastercam customers. Mastercam customers who need post support would be well advised to say as far away as possible from this Jimmy Wakeford / Barefoot CNC and In House Solutions partnership and instead seek out Dave Thomson who is now on his own and offering Mastercam post support

Companies with far better technology than Mastercam do an exceptionally poor job of marketing their superior technology. Exceptionally poor can't be emphasized enough.

Machining job shops don't want to pay for training employees... they're rather steal them from their competitors.

There are plenty of available machinists who know Mastercam because CNC Software understands far better than their competition how important educational support is to controlling the market for CAM sales.

There is very little understanding by most machine shop owners and most machinists of why fully integrated powerful CAD radically cuts down on the time needed to create CAM programs. CNC Software takes full advantage of this lack of knowledge because knowledgeable end users are Mastercam's worst enemy.

When Mastercam does get replaced it's often when a machining job shop decides to do something like purchase a very advanced machine tool that Mastercam can't effectively program. Usually the machine shop will become increasingly frustrated with trying to use Mastercam to program their new expensive machine tool and in desperation will ask the machine tool supplier what they use to program the machine tool with that's allowing it to be programmed so much more effectively and quickly.

The above is very close to what happened to a local machine shop who specializes in convincing customers that 5 axis machine tools are a better way for their parts to be machined. Fifth Axis in San Diego, California dumped all their seats of Mastercam and went with Open Mind Hypermill:

Fifth Axis In San Diego, California

Most shops that do switch and have lost untold thousands of dollars on Mastercam don't want their competitors to use anything but Mastercam and they aren't exactly proud of making a mistake that has cost them so much money and made them look like fools.

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